About Me!

If you have stumbled across this blog and you aren’t a friend from home living vicariously through this blog, you might want to know a little bit more about me. I am an anthropologist, history geek and general nerd presently on a three month long adventure in Europe. This blog chronicles my adventures in words, pictures and whatever else I come across. My whole life I have been fascinated by culture and how people interact. As I expanded my academic horizons I became fascinated with linguistics and I look forward to one day studying linguistic anthropology formally. I speak English and Spanish fluently and have touches of other languages. I enjoy gray areas and liminal spaces. I also adore medieval history and am fascinated by the various branches of Christianity. I am one of those people who made the painful but correct decision not to major in Medieval History (I did try to convince my mother I could totally replace Spanish with Medieval History and then be able to be fluent in castellano antiguo too, but for some reason she just didn’t go for it) and I look forward to exercising that knowledge on this trip. Finally I am also an geek in general, watching anime, sci-fi and fantasy as well as reading sci-fi and fantasy. I mean…I’ll read anything really….

My company on this trip is Clifford the Big Red Anthropologist, my Transformer Tablet who is my primary conduit to that modern lifeblood of the internet and through him this blog shall be completed. He is adorable and useful and my only true friend (the last might be a lie).


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