Textures! of an Assyrian Winged Lion

Details of Assyrian Winged Lion

Details of Assyrian Winged Lion

This photograph is a close-up of the textures of an Assyrian Winged Lion that is one of a pair at the British Museum. Every time I have been to the British Museum, these guys have been one of my favorite pieces. They are so impressive and expressive. In particular the parts of their body that are textured, either with feathers or hair or hieroglyphs, are my focus. I took this picture to show the contrasts between textures that these lions have. I think it turned out really well…just looking at it I want to pet them…as noted last post…petting museum artifacts is bad behavior. In any case, these lions were the supernatural guardians for the palace of Ashurnasirpal II who reigned from 883-859 BC. The lions themselves were carved between 865 and 860 BC. Below I have posted a picture of what the Assyrian lions look like a teensy bit further away. A fun fact is that they were carved with 5 legs, implying that you were meant to see them from the front or the side, not really from an angle.

British Museum Guardians


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