Roman Vase at the British Museum

Felix Hall Roman Vase

Felix Hall Roman Vase

This is a Roman vase from the 2nd century AD that is presently on display at the British Museum. I’ll be honest and say I don’t really know that much more about it, except that it is beautiful. I love the lines of the birds’ necks (as unreal as the twisting is) and the reality of the birds’ faces. The gentle line of the bird’s neck touching down on the edge is what sells me on this one. This vase is a gorgeous piece and another thing I just wanted to touch…some kid did touch it and didn’t get in trouble…but I am a well-trained museum person. Don’t put the oil of your skin on delicate objects. I can’t say there were never moments on my trip where I touched something I wasn’t supposed to, but I did my best. In general, dear readers, remember that unless there is a sign or a museum staff member telling you something is okay to touch, don’t touch. Save the item that is so interesting you are itching to touch it for future generations.


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