What the British Museum is Doing Right with the Elgin Marbles

A model of the Parthenon you can touch!!!!

A model of the Parthenon you can touch!!!!

I am still not quite sure where I stand personally on whether Greece should have all the parts of the Parthenon. I can see both sides and I am going to leave at that for now. I do, however, want to emphasize that the British Museum has really tried to make information about the Elgin Marbles and Parthenon accessible. The space they are displayed is wheelchair accessible, including the two side rooms with plaster casts and more information. The model you see above is there to be touched for the visually impaired or just people who need that sensory input. A good chunk of the panels of information in these two rooms also have braile on them, as well as examples of the decorative aspects of the Parthenon where relevant to touch.


This is the best example for taking a picture. Here you can see how the visually impaired can touch the designed described. I don’t read Braille, so any description in Braille, I can’t really vouch for how descriptive they are, but in general, this was one of the more accessible exhibits I saw on my travels. Museums in the US! Get on this! I should note however, that like most English institutions, there were no obvious ways to get information in other languages without getting a guide.


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