Musee de Rodin

What is a post about Rodin without a picture of the Thinker?

As my trip goes on, I am very aware of how little I know about art. For example, the name Rodin just made the image of the Thinker come to mind and nothing else. Not nationality or time period, just the statue of the Thinker. But I was curious about him and so I made sure I got to this museum today. At present the primary indoor exhibition space is partially under construction, but they have a very nice temporary exhibition set up that takes you chronologically through his career, complete with a paper in English to help you through. But the real centerpiece is the gardens that exhibit many of his larger works and which inspired him when he was alive. He began working in 1870s or so, but discovered this abandoned hotel, a former school run by nuns, around 1900. He loved  to work with a view of the gardens and when he donated his work to the state, he specified that his museum would be at this site. Even in the rain, thank you Paris, the gardens were great fun to wander around, though I would have like a bit more marking. The large version of the Thinker is quite impressive. They also had the work of a Croatian artist who worked with and was inspired by Rodin on display in the front bit of the garden. A really enjoyable and beautiful place.

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