Kasidasi and Padmos

To those of you who normally hear from me on a regular basis, yes I am alive as is my aunt. Greece has been simply fabulous so far. The Acropolis and so many of the monuments of Athens take my breath away, more on them in their very own post.

Today the cruise ship stopped at two different places in two different countries. This morning I woke up as the ship was docking in Kusidasi, Turkey. We went to Ephesus, once a vital Greek city in Asia Minor. It was really awesome to see what remains of the library there as well the very well preserved public latrines. The many seats of this latrine were warmed by slaves so that the men didn’t sit down on the cold stone. When you were done, you washed your bottom with your left hand from water in the channel in front of you. This was a social space and you chatted with your neighbors. The latrine was for men. The Marble Way, one of the main roads was also beautiful. The stadium was simply massive and in use for around 800 years if I recall correctly.

In Padmos we went to the Monastery of St. John, founded in 1088 on the highest and best defended part of the island. This Monastery was on the island as this is where St John the Evangelist came to write revelations after his exile because he refused, like many Christians, to worship the emperor as a god of any sort. He went up to the cave now called the Cave of the Apocalypse and the voice of Christ spoke to him from a crack in the rock. Then he dictated the book of Revelations to his assistant. The monastery was just so beautiful, small, but defensible. The frescos were so well done. The cave is comparatively simple, but with fine decorations and is now two small chapels separated by the hole where Christ spoke to John.

Tomorrow, Santorini! Then back to Athens.


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