Tasty Tasty Bacon Chips?

So, at the request of a friend, I will chronicle some of my snack adventures. I missed taking a picture of the violet and rose creams I got in Edinburgh which were tasty, even if they tasted rather like how one imagines the scented baby powders do. I ate those slowly and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Today I am sharing with all of you Bacon Fries! As many of you know, I adore bacon and consider it a food group all of its own. In the past few days I have been craving the salty crunch of potato chips but for reasons unknown, Ireland only does flavored chips or crisps as they are called here. In the grocery as I searched desperately for some plain chips, I saw Bacon Fries! All my other options involved prawns or onions or sour cream, so bacon it was. In practice the texture is somewhere between a cheese doodle and the lighter fluffier bits of Chex Mix. The flavor is vaguely bacony I suppose. All in all edible, but far from the crispy, salty simplicity I was craving.


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