Glendalough-St. Kevin’s Monastic Site and Gorgeous Views

Two days in beautiful and peaceful Glendalough has done a lot for settling the spirit. This valley about 1.5 hours from Dublin is home to an 8th century ruined monastic settlement. According to legend, St Kevin lived and prayed alone in a cave for several years. The cave can be seen by hiking to the opposite side of the lake and looking across. The monastery ruins consist of several small church buildings and a former cathedral. The most intact portion is a round tower set in the graveyard of the church. Yesterday I went hiking with two American women I met on the bus and even in the rain that shadowed the second half of our hike,the lake was breathtaking. Today I let myself have a morning of rest and then packed peanut butter sandwiches to spend the day hiking, napping, and reading around the lake. I found a nice rock that jutted out onto the water and hung out there for a bit. It was a glorious and enjoyable day and I feel nice and rested for the marathon of monasteries I have coming in the next few days.


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