I safely touched down in Dublin and took a taxi to my hostel, given that it was almost 10pm. The next day I took some organizing and laundry time and then happily adventured to the BOOK OF KELLS!!! For those of you who have sadly gotten to this point in your lives without knowing of this book, it is one of the best surviving examples of Celtic Christianity illuminated manuscripts and simply gorgeous. It is in the Trinity College’s library. I also saw two other books and had a good wander around the campus. The Book of Kells was open to one of my favorite pages, the frontpage of the Book of Mark. I was quite content to linger as long as the security guard would let me. I also wandered to the a museum I hadn’t been to before #29 Georgian House which gives the visitor insight into what it was like to live in that period. The house isin beautifully upkept and I learned fun facts such as people sleeping sitting up because they thought that sleeping lying down would kill you. Also a rudiments box that had a scroll of lessons in it with everything a young lady should learn. After a quick wander into the National Gallery I had dinner and went home to plan the next steps of the trip.


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