Hampton Court

Good morning, I am already  on my way to Edinburgh, Scotland, however I will catch you all up. Beth picked me up at the airport and we went directly to Hampton Court. Before I get into that I just want to express my great appreciation for the very cheerful TSA agent at terminal B of Newark airport. She was easily the most upbeat and welcoming TSA agent ever and it made a real difference in how I felt about going through security. Also the top level of a plane and the window seat together is awesome.

Onto Hampton Court. Hampton Court is one of the places you think of when  you think of Henry VIII. It is a beautiful estate. The fabric was beautiful. Beth made fun of my careful taking pictures of the sumptous fabrics on the walls. I really enjoyed how the table clothes in the Great Hall were full of information about the room. The chapel there is simply gorgeous, especially the ceiling. We saw a reenactment of some of the drama of Henry trying to marry Mary. I really enjoyed the clock as well.

Note: The train internet does not allow picture uploads, so I will add pictures later.


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