The Blog Begins!

Well! Here we are, a mere 3 days before I get on a plane and fly to Europe! This trip has been so long in the planning and now the blog is put together and it is almost time! So, for those not in the know, this is a vaguely spontaneous 3 month trip to Europe blog. In January I looked at my life and thought, “What my life really needs is a freeform trip to Europe!” So I booked tickets for the following fall (right about now) and I haven’t looked back since.

Since that time I have moved in with a bunch of people I adore and leaving them is truly difficult, but the payoff of puttering about Europe is completely worth it. I keep telling them I’ll be back in 3 months and they just look sadly at me…

In any case, I have a passport, vague sense of what clothes I am bringing and the reservation for my first night. I will be flying into London and meeting a friend. It is truly comforting to know that the first transportation bit is partially being handled by a good friend. She is a marvelous young lady who I met when she did an exchange year at my college.

Still to do:

  • Make TARDIS suitcase
  • Dentist appointment (let us avoid overseas dentistry if possible)
  • Activate trip cellphone
  • Double check all the things!

So, over and out! Next post will be the making of the TARDIS suitcase!

Kiss kiss,

P.S. As a warning, this blog may contain:

  1. Odd geek references
  2. Obscure anthropological references
  3. Otaku references
  4. My own curious sense of humor

P.P.S. This blog thing…haven’t done it before…so no promises on format, consistency or skillful manipulation of the blog.


2 thoughts on “The Blog Begins!

  1. I’m excited for you! Please take lots and lots of photos. And update this blog frequently, of course. I miss you! You’ll come down to see Tom and I when you get back right?

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